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Our Referral Program

Our Referral Program is available to Nationwide licensed Real estate Agents (including our registered Florida Real Estate Associates) and Brokers. 

If you have a Seller, or Buyer prospect looking to purchase or sell a property or relocate to the South Florida area; (Miami-Dade or Broward county), you can refer them to Alliance Florida Realty (We are also a licensed NAR Member). We have years of dedicated service and experience in the South Florida market which your referred prospects can count on for a great client experience.

We offer a 30% Referral Program Fee paid to a referring Agent/Broker upon the closing of a transaction for a referred prospect to our brokerage. 

To refer a prospect; Seller or Buyer and get compensated a 30% Referral fee from our earned commission, download our referral agreement below, print, complete and email it to us. Please refer to instructions on the referral agreement.

Upon receipt of a valid and accepted referral agreement, we'll review, sign the agreement and email the executed document to you. We'll then contact the referred prospect to introduce ourselves. Once we have made contact with referred party, we'll commence to work with your referred prospect in order to reach a successful transaction.

We'll certainly keep you informed and updated throughout the process as we work on reaching a successful closing, including sending you payment instructions so your correct referral fee is accurately processed and paid to the Referring Broker on a timely basis.