Agent Secure Back Office

How it Works - Non MLS, Non Realtor

1. Join our Non-Realtor, Non-MLS brokerage by activating or transferring your Florida real estate license from another brokerage on our website by clicking on the "Join Now" button and completing & submitting our registration form.

2. Choose from our offered $49 or $29 yearly membership plan in order to keep your Florida real estate license active and submit your non-refundable membership fee online. Your Florida license will be activated or transferred with our brokerage within 2 hours during work day hours; it may take a bit longer on weekends. 

3. Upon email notification of activation with our brokerage, start marketing yourself for success and get acquainted with our brokerage resources by signing up and login into our "Agent Access Back Office". Legally work with sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, and investors without any required sales quotas, on your terms and without being bound to a Realtor association paying excessive yearly board & MLS fees. You are entitled to work and be compensated at closing with a current and active Florida real estate license including the right to earn nationwide referral fees and commission even on your own personal transactions, commercial deals & new home builder's construction.